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Using the Powerful Aura and Poignant Potential of Pop, R&B, and Soul: German doctor Marc O’Heartman pays Homage to ‘Caravan of Love’ by Unveiling New Cover

Marc O’Heartman and Robert Ruddock re-ignite the humanistic and awe-inspiring spirit of the iconic ‘Caravan of Love’ in these trying times, hoping to use the song’s wisdom to renew hope in society.

Gachenbach, Bayern – July 23rd , 2021 – In a time where society seems to be riddled with all kinds of menace, vice and wrongdoing, it is difficult for an up-and-coming artist to use their melodious prowess to pave way for ideas of liberation, equality and peace. Marc O’Heartman, however, proves yet again that he is more than capable of not only carrying this burden, but also doing it justice. Together, with his friend, British singer Robert Ruddock, Marc O’Heartman dazzles audiences worldwide by unearthing a powerful, beautiful and poignant re-arrangement of the iconic song “Caravan of Love”.

“Caravan of Love” was originally written by Chris Jasper, the creative genius of the famous trio Isley-Jasper-Isley. Chris Jasper also sang the original version of the song, which reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot R&B chart in 1985. One year later, the British indie band “The Housemartins” made it to #1 on the UK Singles Chart with an acapella version of the same song.

Marc O’Heartman has a special connection to “Caravan of Love” – he was infatuated with its remarkable lyricism in his youth, and now he felt the need to bring it back because society needs the song and its spirit now more than ever.With the release of this cover, Marc O’Heartman specifies that his objectives are not monetary – he wants to share a piece of music that particularly moved him, by putting his own spin on it, in a time where society needs to heal from “anti- Black Lives Matter” sentiments, vaccination uncertainties, and populism.

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Marc O’Heartman is the musical alter ego of Dr. Marco R, a medical doctor from Germany. Marc uses psychotherapy to help people cope with, and eventually overcome, difficult situations in their lives. The knowledge and humanity that Marco experiences at work is let out as catharsis into his songs. He sometimes uses deep and meaningful lyricism to process difficult conversations about humanity, life, suffering and hope. He aims to use his musical prowess to spread joy and optimism in a society so often bogged down by hate and pessimism. He intends to use his work to shine a light upon others, and with his rendition of “Caravan of Love”, he would like to set an example in society for brotherhood and charity.



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