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Blending Themes of Culture, Spirituality, Love and Hope: Christian Band Voice4HIM Unveils New Album ‘ALIVE!’

Reinventing Christian Contemporary music, Voice4HIM exceeds expectations and keeps delivering, album after album. Not shying away from taking a decisive stance in their newest release ‘ALIVE!’, the group inspires and enthralls with a string of Praise and Worship songs.

Atlanta, Georgia – July 21st, 2021 – The genre of Christian contemporary music is one with a very dedicated community of fans and exceptional up-and-coming artists. Amid this rising cloud of talent, Voice4HIM shines. They are making headlines repeatedly, particularly because of their consistency in both content and quality. Their 4th album ‘ALIVE!’ is their newest venture, and it is being critically acclaimed as their best work yet.

All the songs on the 4th album ‘ALIVE!’ were written and composed by Joseph Nathan Smith – and they are all original pieces. Joseph Nathan Smith is an incredibly talented composer and songwriter who hails from Atlanta. The most characteristic quality about his work is, undoubtedly, his soulful lyricism. His songs blend themes of love, hope, anguish, pain, suffering, spirituality and redemption, with incredible and melodious vocals to give an enriching and extremely vivid experience to the fans.

Poignant lyricism, unparalleled vocals, and exceptional instrumentals make his music of the highest order in the music industry.

Their newest album ‘ALIVE!’ contains beautiful songs such as ‘He Is Alive’, ‘But This I Know’, ‘Forever I’ll Follow’, ‘Peace’, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘We Walk on Faith’, ‘As Angels Lead’, and ‘Like Angels Sound’. Every song evokes powerful feelings and sentiments related to Christianity, Jesus, and God. Every word of every song on their newest album awakens the spirit within the listener, which is particularly why Voice4HIM’s music is considered to be so engaging and personal.

Go to their website to fully experience the group’s history, mission, and music. To support the group, Buy the album at Amazon, and make sure to follow them on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. For interviews, reviews and collaborations, feel free to reach them out through email.



Voice4HIM is an extremely talented rising contemporary Christian group who have been writing, composing, and producing songs for 2 years. Their newest album ‘ALIVE!’ is their 4th, and it contains praise songs revolving around the themes of spirituality, love, Jesus and worship.

They believe that when a person really meets Jesus, they cannot help but share the positive light with others. This is exactly what Voice4HIM aspire to do with their music – they want their music, songs, lyrics, instrumentals and vocals to continuously convey the message of the fullness and accessibility of Jesus Christ. Voice4HIM believe that being able to produce content for such a massive audience puts them in a position wherein they are obligated to spread positivity and joy; and with their latest album, this is exactly what they have done.


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