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Music For Healing of Broken Souls: James McDowell introduces the JamesTunes Choir Interpreting A Song That Sees Faith As A Guiding Light In Testing Times.

“Let Your Faith” is a spiritual composition that nurses wounds with melodious harmonies and deep lyrics.

Baltimore, MD — June 11th, 2022- JamesTunes Choir is a group of very talented children that participated in the music production of a tune that exudes empathy and hope in times of immense adversities. Musicians that participated in the recording are: Scott Knight on piano, Mario Palumbo on Bass and Guitar, and Steve McGrath on drums.

It is this type of music that helps inform individuals that is much needed in an atmosphere where hope has dissipated; an atmosphere of utter gloom and doom. The Robb Elementary School shooting in Texas, is just one catastrophic event amongst a string of sporadic school shooting events that have shaken American soil. James McDowell wishes to continue to contribute with this single as a way of creating awareness and bringing solace.

Perhaps what sets James’ music apart from others is its immense adaptability to show empathy to his listeners. He says “What do you tell a mother or a father that lost their children in a tragic senseless shooting while attending school? There are no words! One can only turn to God and ask to let your faith sustain you through the grieving process to be able to continue to live.”

“Let Your Faith” is thus an example of such a single that uses faith as a kernel of hope in times when this life’s events cease to make sense. The loss of young children in school shootings is not only a shock to their parents and family members but the world as a whole: there is no excuse for it. James McDowell realizes this and does its part for the community that has faced so much pain due to the same cause. James only hopes to bring consolation to those who are going through a very hard time!

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James is a composer from Maryland who began his career writing gospel songs in 1982. The artist has faced many difficulties including losing his vision due to genetic problems in 2002. It is this loss that has helped give the artist perspective which can be seen in the songs that the choir itself delivers with honesty and love.

Both due to the loss of vision as well as other losses in his family, James’ music has transition to different themes. He says: “People are just trying to find something in life to give them comfort, joy, happiness, and HOPE. We need more positive messages in this world today! I want my music to promote a change for the better and bring people hope in this confusing world!” This is exactly the spirit of the music he composes.






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