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Shining the Bright Light of encouragement through Dark Tunnels: IsH-iLLa Uplifts Listeners with New Single

Empowered by the strength of his connection with God through Jesus Christ, and rising musical power, IsH-iLLa motivates audiences with  “NEED 2 PRAY ”

Chicago, IL — June 16th, 2022- A sound of the times, dynamic singer-songwriter IsH-iLLa’s soulful musical compositions are known to inspire and illuminate through the darkest of times. A stirring mix, the artist’s newest drop, “Heaven on Earth” builds onto his characteristic theme and style, uplifting listeners and encouraging them to believe in the silver lining.

An uplifting and moving narrative, “NEED 2 PRAY ” is a stunning addition to the artist’s musical roster, underlining above all the depth of his connection with Jesus Christ. As a born-again Christ-follower for 17 years, IsH-iLLa hopes to rejuvenate the genre of Gospel, rooted within Hip Hop and R&B to enrapture masses.

IsH-iLLa is a name to remember, and one you may have already heard if you keep an ear to the ground. A diligent and hardworking powerhouse, IsH-iLLa creatively channels his origins as a Chicago kid experiencing the raw, bare, and gritty realities of growing up in the city.

Having experienced years of homelessness and a lifetime of suffering, the artist echoes a unique intensity with powerful vocals that capture the experiences he has had. An authentic and powerful voice in the genre, IsH-iLLa’s music marks a seamless balance between personal stories and the message of God.

“My music represents encouragement, forward movement, and staying strong throughout the trials and tribulations this life deals us, but most of all, it represents all these things being consistently possible to make it through because of my relationship with God,” says the artist regarding his music.

“NEED 2 PRAY ” builds onto records such as “Heaven on Earth” which IsH-iLLa unveiled in the summer of 2021, and which caught the attention of several music publications. He intends to follow the new single with another soul-enrapturing record: “Beautiful Pain (Juneteenth)” which drops on Juneteenth 2022. The upcoming release promises a raw and reflective visual that grants a glimpse into the heart of this complex and inspiring man.

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IsH-iLLa is a talented R&B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel artist who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Having lived a life of poverty and homelessness, growing on the streets, IsH-iLLa was always motivated to grow and improve his state of life, dreaming for a better way, better life, and a chance to prove he was better than what he was raised in.

For the artist, music is created to inspire, encourage and uplift people to their higher and stronger selves while giving them soulful, raw, and real music that they can feel and relate to. Following this mission, he hopes to make his mark in the industry, while lifting spirits and lighting candles of hope in a time when things are getting darker for communities around the world.


Name: IsH-iLLa




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