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Music Inspired By Spirituality and Truth: Marlon Christy Ministries Releases A New Album That Works To Recognize And Reconcile.

‘Go Before Me Lord’ is a new collection of music that serves to build people up with empathy and love and to ignite a sense of personhood in them through spirituality.

Ft Myers, Fl — Marlon Christy Ministries is a new up-and-coming artist who produces a consortium of music that is in perfect symphony with the realities of the common man and the divinity of the spiritual message. The eclectic artist produces music that exudes an aura of understanding by creating a safe space amongst which people can connect over the happenings in their life that have created deep wounds in them.

Marlon is a Worship Minister, songwriter, composer, and producer of Gospel music, with a unique sound, influenced by Reggae and other genres of worship. The artist believes in the word of God and all that it stands for specifically resonating with this quote “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” King James Version.

Perhaps, what makes this kind of music exceptionally unique is that it ventures to recognize the audiences’ pain and then tries to make them reconcile with it in a way in which there is some form of healing that is taking place. Marlon hopes to make his music an avenue of hope for the future for his loyal listeners. The rhythmic melodies and deep lyrics serve to bring love and encouragement to music to every kind of person around the world.

Motivated by the spirit of God, the rising star wishes to help music spread the message of positivity to the masses. Marlon is motivated by good music and his passion to sing alongside the need to spread the spiritual message. ‘Go Before Me Lord’, produced by C. Johnny Clarke, is thus an amalgamation of both these pursuits.

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Born Kerry Christy from Bog Walk St Catherine Jamaica, Marlon Christy Ministries is a singer as well as a worship minister. He is married to his beautiful wife Sharon Christy and is a father of five children Ian, Tyler, Samuel, Esther, and Joshua. It is this family orientation that influences the aim of the musician’s music- the aim to help bring hope to humanity.

Marlon has been professionally making music since the tender age of ten, diligently committed to the production of great musical tunes. The singer is inspired by the Holy Spirit which wishes to reach God’s people and provide healing, encouragement, and reinforcement in troubled times. It is true that in most difficult times, all one needs is kind words and beautiful tunes to gain courage back. Marlon’s goal is to impact the world positively through the creation of this form of deep and melodious music!


Marlon Christy Ministries
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