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Grady Keenan Melds Country and Gospel Music to Produce Masterpieces

With his stunning and memorable musical compositions, Grady Keenan is getting all the rhythms and tunes right to solidify his position as an independent sensation in the genres of Country Rock and Gospel music

Lockhart, Texas – April 30th 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Grady Keenan is on the right track towards success and growth, as he continues to release memorable and striking tracks and singles.

The artist has already received the iconic Arkademia Music Award for crafting the Best Song in the category of Country music. Known to be a central part of the Keen Country Band, Grady Keenan has long continued to be a lively and exhilarating addition to the thriving Country music scene in the country.

An eclectic talent, Grady Keenan composes the most iconic and authentic Country music, being a talented singer and songwriter, as well as a diligent percussionist. The budding singer has also experienced the buzz and adrenaline rush of performing live in the Panhandle area of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, throughout his Middle and High school years.

With his fresh new single featured on the TCMA’s Best Texas Country Picks Volume 3 of 2020, “Texas Raised Redneck”, Grady Keenan is looking forward to experimenting with the many genres he is well-versed in, exhibiting his own versatility. With raw and piercing vocals and soul-stirring yet memorable songwriting, Grady Keenan amazes and enthralls in the peace-inducing track “Texas Raised Redneck”. As part of his band, the Keeny Country Band, Grady Keenan has crafted stunning singles, written by him and partner Don Carter. Playing a wide-ranging mix of diverse genres, Grady Keenan and his band have amassed massive support from fans ranging from the ages of 4 to 84. Highlighting their finesse and artistic talents in the genrs of New Country, Southern Rock, Traditional Country and Blues music, the Keenan Country Band continues to dominate the country scene in Texas, achieving one feat after another. With their fresh new single, the band is hoping to soar through all obstacles in their way.




Grady Keenan is a budding Country and Blues artist who is breaking all barriers to exhibit his talents in singing and songwriting.

An avid percussionist, Grady has played music since he was 9 years old. Growing up, he continued to play and perform wherever he was, even the times he served as part of the Marine Corp. The up-and-coming artist later chose to reside in Louisiana and continued playing in the AK-LA–TX tri-state area. Grady has performed and written with icons such as Donny Carter, Fred Carter Jr. and Tracy Lawrence. In 2021, Grady was officially nominated by the Akademia executive team for The Akademia 2021 Rising Star Award for perseverance in the field of music, proving his worth while achieving a formidable accomplishment which was being eyed by numerous contenders from all around the world.




Name: Grady Keenan