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Unique Sounds, Creativity, and High-Quality Music; Sergio Lovett Is Back with A New Album to Win Hearts of Music Lovers All Over the World.

Sergio’s new album was released on April 9th, 2021, worldwide. His album and the music details are out on his website Sergio’s new music is extremely heart-touching and inspirational; this sets his music apart from other musicians in the industry.

Atlanta, Georgia  –  April 30th, 2021  –  Sergio has produced unique music in the Christian, R&B, and Soul genres. Sergio is a musician, producer, songwriter, .. and recording engineer. He works alone in the studio, to keep his total focus on the sounds that he’s creating, with the exception of Peter Jacobson, a well-known recording engineer at Knock Hard Studios, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Sergio’s musical journey started at the early age of seven, when his mother bought him his first ever guitar. Sergio focuses on making unique music, that touches the heart of the listeners. He intends to produce lyrics that his followers can relate to, something they can feel with their hearts. Sergio relates his music to real-life events; this way, his music is truly unique, and sets him as a musician; people can listen to and relate the words that are being sung to their personal lives.

The quality of his music is another aspect, .. that sets him apart in the industry. He has a unique way of layering live instruments, in his music to flow in a soulful rhythm. Sergio is very peculiar about the selection of sounds that go along with his music. Sergio tries to include sounds that are as touching, and relatable as the lyrics that are being sung. Real-time life events and scenarios inspire Sergio. His goals include, giving an option to the traditional sound and image that the American society has for black Christian music.

Sergio Lovett’s new album is named “Authenticity” and has been released worldwide on April 9th, 2021. In the future, .. Sergio plans to have his own successful record label. He has been working tirelessly on another album for his fans. The third album is close to being finished, and Sergio Lovett plans on releasing the new album, .. in approximately six months.





Sergio started playing music at the early age of seven when his mom bought him his first guitar for Christmas. He played drums on the drumline and trombone in high school, which lead him to electrical instruments as an adult. Sergio formed and originated five different bands in the Atlanta area and played live up and down the Eastern Coast, from Atlanta to Canada, for over ten years. Sergio is a Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Song Writer, Composer, and Synth Arranger. After focusing on recording and music production for the past two years, Sergio has finally released his second album, “Authenticity.” Sergio Lovett looks forward to performing live again for his fans, once the pandemic ceases down.




Name: Sergio Lovett – iLovett Records