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Sensational Soul Music for The Soul: The Mighty Igloo Crew Is Back After A Twenty-Year Hiatus with New Single

Everyone loves a great comeback story. The Mighty Igloo Crew have one for the ages. Their surprise announcement has caught everyone off-guard, as they unearth a new single ‘The Mark Morant Story’ and announce their forthcoming album ‘Black From Hell’ , twenty long years after being away from the Soul Music scene.

Miami Florida/Cleveland Ohio – 28th April 2021 – The Mighty Igloo Crew is a Hip Hop group that comprise of Mo Dog Chiil, Myke Smoov, and Steven D, has just release a long awaited new single title: The Mark Morant Story. After a 20 year hiatus Mo Dog Chill the lead rapper on this joint takes you on a journey of true real life events, in one of the verses of this song he recounts the time when he found $640,000 that fell from a armored truck on the street in downtown Cleveland Ohio. Using his legal name in this song he explains details about how it all began, this song is definitely a must listen and is filled with superb theatricals and innuendos, this is very masterful and cleverly thought out hit song by the Mighty Igloo Crew.


Mo Dog Chill is the CEO of Igloo Records, the company that produces the Mighty Igloo Crew and other hopefuls. He debuted with the iconic single ‘Bang, Bang (1997)’ from the ‘Portrait of a Rapper’ Album Mo Dog Chill featuring the Mighty Igloo Crew. They circulated their cold-hearted street-inspired lyrics via army base tours, mall giveaways, and were part of the Undercurrents ’98 International Music Expo at the Phantasy Night Club, Players Night Out at O’Reilly’s Nightclub, the Battle of the Bands Demolition Derby (sponsored by Sony Music), Peabody’s Down Under, and other venues.

Their chilly, Eskimo-like name comes from his times living in Cleveland



Name: Igloo Crew Records / Too Cold Productions



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