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Worshiping God through His Christian Music: Introducing To the World Rayon Baugh

With the help of compelling compositions and consecutive releases in the name of God, artist and psalmist Rayon Baugh’s songs are all set to be on everyone’s playlists in the world of Christian music.

Manassas, Virginia – July 9th, 2021 –  artist Rayon Baugh is a musician with incredible excellence in the genres of Christian music, Gospel, and Reggae. He released a brand new single titled “CITY of GOD” on June 30th, 2021. With the release of this latest tune, the artist is hoping to praise God and deliver His message to the people in this pandemic.

“CITY of GOD” was released along with a music video on YouTube which premiered on June 30th, 2021. The prayer in the song is written by Carlene Baugh, while the song is produced by Jim Ebert. The music video for the single is directed by Ross Stansfield. The artist behind the melody and the overall style of the tune is Rayon Baugh himself.

The melody came to him as he worshipped and sought God for His message during the worldwide pandemic. Rayon came up with the message of the song while pondering upon some thoughts and going over Bible verses. He landed upon a page that immediately clicked with him, and he felt like God answered his question. He started penning down some lyrics and his wife joined him, ending up with the tune “CITY of GOD”.

Apart from the recent single, Rayon Baugh has produced two albums titled ‘Keep Your Feet on the Ground’ and ‘The Journey’, consisting of his original songs. Inspired by his love for God, the artist released two more singles in the late 2019 which go by the names of “It’s You I Worship” and “My Heart Belongs to You”. Both  songs are powerful worship songs that are bound to lead the listeners into the presence of God. Sharing the stage with various recording artists and releasing one track after the other, the artist firmly believes that God-given inspirations are behind his unique melodies. “Every time I enter the presence of the Lord, He gives me a new song” – says Rayon Baugh.

Working towards the completion of his worship album, the dedicated artist is looking forward to releasing more music and continuing his musical journey by the grace of God. He wishes to reach people all over the world with God-inspired messages that will draw them closer to a lifestyle of worship.

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Rayon Baugh is a contemporary praise and worship gospel artist, singer, songwriter, and published author. He has a firm belief in Christianity, believing Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. Since the very beginning, the artist drew his inspiration from his love for God and worship.

His ultimate goal is to make his songs and books avenues to draw people closer to the presence of the Lord and to promote a lifestyle of worship.


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