Stanley Ray Jr. Releases New Song "All Power In His Hand"

Norfolk, Virginia – November 8th, 2020 – With Jesus watching over you, you feel empowered to do everything. Stanley Ray Jr. has done what he does best. As a Gospel recording artist from Virginia, he has been creating music that inspires and gives hope in this tumultuous world. With his undying spirit and passion for Gospel and R&B, he’s taken his remarkable two-decade-long experience and turned it into melodious yet modern pieces.

His latest piece, “All Power In His Hand”, has already become a popular feature on social media owing to his bold and beautiful vocals. Listeners have also continually praised the beauty of his soulful lyrics that have struck their emotional chords. “I could’ve been gone, but I’m right here”– these words out of one of his original music videos “Jesus Is Real”, portray hope and trust in Him and his blessings.

In addition, Stanley Ray Jr.’s past work, “Together Forever” and “Letting God Have His Way”, have had listeners hooked to the songs’ melodic flow and their meaningful lyrics.

With a noteworthy and phenomenal experience in the Gospel and R&B industry, Stanley has grown from a soulful singer to an artist who has shared the stage with other legendary artists from within the industry. Some of these chart-topping artists are Vickie Winans, Deitrick Haddon, Smokie Norful, Naughty By Nature, Tony Terry, and many more.

Apart from this splendid experience with these artists, his skill of singing from the heart and putting his innermost feelings and thoughts into words has won many hearts.

Stanley Ray Jr. writes with a pure, transparent, genuine perspective. His songs are nothing but a declaration of love for Jesus as well as his listeners. He believes in portraying the love for God and the need to indulge in prayer for the well-being and happiness of one’s soul. He has written, arranged, produced, and composed soulful Gospel music for a major part of his music career and is extremely popular in Virginia.

“All Power In His Hand” is a versatile R&B/Soul piece that caters to an array of music listeners. It perfectly blends spirituality with a modern Gospel touch. Apart from the excellence in music, it also brings a portrayal of positivity and a wholesome aspect of life. Stanley Ray Jr. combines his respect and love for Christianity, along with his passion for creating inspiring music to make the world a better place.


Stanley Ray Jr. isn’t just an artist but a firm believer in God and the goodness of religion. Having spent more than 20 years in the music industry, most of his work is inspired by Lord Jesus. His songs are mostly representative of the R&B, Soul, and Gospel but appeal to a diverse music audience. As an experienced recording artist, his latest song “All Power In His Hand”, is a life-changing piece that uplifts your soul and tells you what matters. His positive style and faith in God in every piece of work, helps him inspire and motivate others to create the happiness we all deserve.


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