Deborah Dworshipper Ends October On a High Note With New Single 

“I Know My God” Available Now 


Toronto, Ontario – October 24, 2020 – There is a need for something more in life right now. A higher power, a reminder that someone out there – above – is listening and there for the world. It’s something Deborah Dworshipper felt she was necessary not only for herself but those around her and with that came her latest and most poignant to date, “I Know My God.”

This Christian anthem is meant as an audible reminder of who God is as well as how God continues to work to get us through each day; good or bad. Released October 23, 2020, “I Know My God” uplifts as much as it does entertain all who hear. Poised and heartfelt throughout, this is a stunning song that will soon be found on Deborah Dworshipper’s upcoming album. Fans of soulful Christian music can expect that in early 2021. For those who cannot wait for more, Dworshipper will be releasing a video for “I Know My God” before the end of 2020. 

This Canadian-based, contemporary Christian singer has been making waves in the industry for a handful of years now. Deborah Dworshipper has always come equipped with a distinct sound. Which played a big factor in her 2016 debut garnering her attention near and far. Since then she has treated the world to a number of singles including “The Victory Reloaded,” “I See the Light,” and “Turning.” Now she’s looking to go above and beyond once more with “I Know My God.” 

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