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Rising Artist Bringing the Love of Jesus to A Whole New Audience: Clau Is Reinventing Gospel Music For A New Era

The music industry lacks artists who know what they want to achieve, but Clau is here to fill in that gap, as she ventures to spread the word of Jesus.

Margate, Florida – December 6th, 2021 – Devoted to the message of Jesus, Clau is an artist who is committed to furthering the messages that we have all been imparted by Jesus- the message of unconditional love and acceptance for all those around us. As an artist, Clau hopes to embody this very same message in all of her art. She crafts her music from the love that she has for Jesus, as that love of Christ guides her and helps to craft enchanting tunes that have kept her loyal followers pining for more and more of her music.

Crafting her music after seeking inspiration from a wide range of sources such as rock, punk, and Christian soul music – Clau is an artist who never binds herself to a single genre, as she goes from place to place in her production, and keeps up her experimentation when it comes to new soundscapes.

Focusing on the spiritual transformation of her listeners, the music of Clau emphasizes listeners to not only listen to it, but rather become a transformed person after the music, and become one with the words of Christ. With her art, Clau aims to spread the gospel of Christ, far and among places unheard.

Stream Clau’s dynamic music on Spotify, and follow the artist’s exciting musical journey through her official platforms on Facebook, and Twitter. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.



Living in Margate, Florida, Clau has been a firm believer in the power of music to make listeners connected deeply with a wide range of topics. Being deeply connected to the music of Christ herself, Clau knew from a young age what she wanted to pursue as a professional career.

To Clau there is no greater calling than being one with the words, and deeds of Christ, no greater purpose then spreading his message, which is something all listeners of his should devote themselves to. Clau hopes to do this in her journey across the world, as she has made spreading the word of Christ her calling. Her music career is her biggest helper in this quest, as it allows for her to not produce art, but for her to express her love for the Lord in new and unheard-of ways.


Name: CLAU
Phone: 7865157075


Instagram: http://@claumusicusa
Twitter: http://@claumusicus


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