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Embrace the Surge of Positivity and Enlightenment with Intoxicating Christian Rock Beats: 32AD Unveils New Album

With their inspiring new album, 32AD now channels their passion for music into Christian Rock, while empowering listeners to overcome the world

Winchester, CA — December 24th 2021An up-and-coming group, 32AD, is sending ripples through the musical scenes of Christian and Rock music. Set to soar and establish themselves in the musical industry, this rising group is ready to be the next big name in the world of authentic Rock that has an enlightening message. With expressive lyrics that paint pictures over warm rhythms, heavy beats, and riveting guitar solos, 32AD’s music is designed to shake the soul.

‘Enough for Me’, 32AD’s rock EP, is set to release December 24th 2021 and will likely be followed by a heavier album after that. Continuing to embolden Christian Music and much to the surprise of their fans, 32AD has added this Rock album to the line-up after previously releasing a Metal demo EP. This Christmas Eve, fans can look forward to authentic rock ballads, revealing rock/pop songs, and moving Christian contemporary worship music – all in one album.

“In this dark world, good rock-n-roll should provide a positive, enlightening, or revealing message,” says founding member, songwriter, lead guitarist and vocalist A. Apodaca, “32AD believes music should help people overcome the world.”

There is no doubt that this album will inspire listeners to embrace a positive mindset and remain steadfast in their worship this holiday season, which is exactly what 32AD’s music is all about. Their uplifting rock ballads are designed to motivate and edify listeners, and ‘Enough for Me’ exemplifies that.

Preorder 32AD’s new album before December 24th 2021, download or purchase it from their website, and learn more about them on the links below or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.



Originating from the Inland Empire of South California, 32AD is an American rock band that specializes in the genres of Rock, Metal and Contemporary Christian music with an authentic “rock-style” delivery. After being officiated onto the scene by founding member A. Apodaca (who is also the songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist of the group) and completing the first releases with D. Vasquez (songwriter and rhythm/bass guitarist), the band now has J. Bishop on board (bass guitarist and back-up vocalist) for the newer releases.

Formed as a new project in 2019, 32AD believes music should help people rise above their circumstances and help them overcome the world instead of being overtaken by it. With this message in mind, the Metal Demo EP entered the scene at the start of Winter 2020, but is now followed by a softer Rock album; available Christmas Eve 2021.


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