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Reintroducing Classical Themes in Inspiring Gospel Music- Rising Talent E-4ORCE Stuns in Latest Album

Championing the word of God in every lyric, E-4ORCE’s lyricism reinvigorates and excites.

Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria — Mr. Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe is an up and coming singer and songwriter who considers himself to be an ‘addicted worshipper of God’. He is becoming an exciting name in the sphere of Gospel music due to his passionate, reinvigorating, and excitingly profound music. His latest venture in the world of music was in the form of his newest album, titled ‘Timeless God’. Released on February 20th, 2022, the album comprises 12 unique pieces of music, all having the central theme of oneness with God. Mr. Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe also featured his wife DINMA and Kellysongz on his latest album, music to the delight of his fans.

When listening to his music, his fans will inevitably be drawn closer to God. This is what E-4ORCE hopes to achieve from his music. He is thrilled at the possibility of his listeners realising the limitless power of God after being inspired by his lyricism. E-4ORCE aims to also bring down the glory of God on the life and situations of his listeners, ensuring that his words are creating a positive change in the community long after he is gone. What makes E-4ORCE’s album unique is the fact that it is inspirational and powerfully crafted to ensure that all listeners are forced to introspect and give their life some poignant thought. In the future, Mr. Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe aspires to produce atleast 10 albums within a span of 5 years. He also hopes to produce music videos for all the relevant albums as soon as possible.

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Mr. Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe is better known by his stage name E-4ORCE. He founded E-4ORCE in 2021 and released his first single ‘He is My Helper’  in October 2021. He has very recently released his latest 12-track album titled ‘Timeless God’. Mr Ifeanyi is from Umudim in Ikeduru L.G.A in Imo state. He is a member of ‘Wonderful Voice choir of Living Faith Church Enugu state Nigeria West Africa’, where he has been serving God wholeheartedly. All his songs are biblically and scripturally inspired. Testimonies of Healings and deliverances are uncountable so far. He has future plan to produce at least 10 Albums within 5years to enable the blessings go round the world through worship and praises. He can’t be everywhere at the same time but the Album can be somewhere doing miracles uncountable. He is Married to Mrs Chidinma (DINMA) Ebenezer and has a son Integrity Ifeanyi.

 By infusing classical themes into Gospel music, Mr. Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe has paved way for a new era of Gospel music, one which is undoubtedly making him a household name in devout fans of Christian rock.


Name: Mr Ifeanyi Ebenezer Egwuekwe
Address: Enugu Enugu state of Nigeria, Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria
Phone: +2348039469395




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