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An Album Imbibed with Hopefulness and Faith: Ricky Byrum Releases his Newest Musical Masterpiece

‘You Gave Me Hope’ encapsulates both belief and love in testing times in an alluring and inspiring way

Hampton Roads, Virginia — March 23rd, 2022- ‘You Gave Me Hope’ is a culmination of love, loss, and faith that traces the depth of emotion of the musician in novel ways. Byrum has meticulously crafted a consortium of music that envelops both scripture and sermon as well as life experiences in an extremely interesting way.

These biblical tunes encompass a depth of experience and individuality. The album is being released in digital format to more than 150 digital stores by Tunecore and the new single “Mindful of Me” is currently being heard in over 150 countries.

The album will be followed by a book entitled ‘You Gave Me Hope’ which centers on the personal journey of this eclectic artist. This is an extremely unique story so much so that the book contains six chapters in it, capturing the 5 lyrical masterpieces making the last song New Kingdom as an outro.

The book too contains a complex mix of both scriptures and sermons and the personal life stories of the inspiring artist in a coherent and beautiful way. The project remains exceptionally meaningful to Byrum because it was recorded in the best of times and the worst of times.

The tunes were worked on during the COVID-19 pandemic which created a lot of isolation and tension among everyone. Additionally, the musician’s mother and sister were also hospitalized at one point with another sickness, contributing to the already present stress and anxiety. Byrum’s mother ultimately passed in August 2021, and he was informed of this news while recording the vocals to the song “Love”.

It is the depth of this experience that too can be witnessed in the song that is produced by the artist- the crushing grief of losing a parent as well as the relief of seeing her one last time before she left for a better world.

Stream the music on as well as YouTube and ITunes. Follow the inspiring artist’s official social media page on Facebook for updates on newer music. For interview, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email You can stream this music on any of the major music platforms and can purchase it as well!




Ricky Byrum has been influenced and supported by his wonderful friend and partner Thomas Arthur who has been making music with him for years! He initially talked the musician into recording some of the songs that he had been writing over the last two years. Additionally, the inspiring artist is involved in multiple things working full time, ministering part time, alongside work in the music industry and TV & Film industry.

This eclectic artist wishes to give people encouragement and strength and ultimately hope through the music that is produced. This music has reached new heights with the book’s drafted manuscript already getting multiple publishing offers. It is Byrum’s sincerest hope that he is able to cultivate peace of mind and heart through the music that he so diligently produces.


Ricky Byrum
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