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Reigniting the Flame of 80s Funk – Diggy Diamond and Taki Brano Revisit Vintage Music in Their Latest Album

Spanning multiple genres of music, the album is a celebration of the 80s through and through.

Lynn, Ma/Providence, Ri —  Coming off from a 2021 success with Horizons, Diggy Diamond and Taki Brano have made the news on the announcement of their collaboration over their new album. Together, the two have released a project comprising 10 songs, including some that feature other prominent singers and songwriters.

Releasing on March 15th, 2022, the album is an amalgamation of all of the most beloved spheres of music. Fans of electronic music will be enthralled by the album as much as fans of funk and hip hop. Their discography has historically also been critically well received by die-hard fans of progressive rock music, R&B, and Soul.

However, what truly makes this album unique and totally incomparable to other new albums by up and coming singers and songwriters in the industry today is the fact that the album itself is incredibly well thought out. Staying authentic to the roots of vintage music influences, the album is an unapologetic celebration of 80s groovy music at its core. When listening to the album, listeners will feel like they’re being transported back into the 80s, and that they are part of a getaway movie – the album being its soundtrack. The perfect blend of all the multiple genres of music in one album is also a testament to the sheer diversity that Diggy Diamond and Taki Brano bring to their discography, providing an extremely unique and completely diverse auditory experience for the listener. It also makes it very challenging for fans to pick a favorite single from the album.

Aspiring to continue to create great music throughout their lives with an iron will and an impressive discography, Diggy and Taki are rapidly winning hearts along the way.

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Ever since the age of 13, Diggy Diamond was convinced that he wanted to be a producer when he grew up. From early childhood, music was always an integral part of his life. Inspired by R&B, hip hop, jazz, and classical music, especially Pharrell Williams, he was inspired to become a top producer by learning music theory and working toward a music business. Today, he continues to create a name for himself.

Taki Brano uses elements from life around him to conjure breathtaking visuals through his sounds. A producer and sound engineer with nearly 20 years of experience, he recognizes and acknowledges collaboration with other creatives as his favorite part of music. Aside from the many genres he typically works in for clients and sync placement opportunities Taki is also a budding LoFi Hip Hop artist / producer. Work is currently under way for his his third solo album.


Diggy Diamond, Taki Brano
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