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Fusing Together Funk, Gospel, and R&B – Byron Franklin Is Switching Systems With Latest Release

Using his music to reach out to people, Byron Franklin has earned himself a loyal fan base and is making a name for himself in the industry today.

Maylene, Al.

Byron Franklin is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has reimagined an oft-forgotten style of music. Fusing together funk, gospel, and R&B, Byron Franklin has pioneered a unique brand of music that makes him stand out from other artists in the industry today. Having been heavily involved in, and passionate about, American football and track and field in Sheffield Al, Byron spent 4 years in athletics at Auburn University in football where he led the Tigers in receiving. Showing great promise and skill ,  he ended up being drafted in the second round to the Buffalo Bills, where he established a 7 year career, ending up in Seattle with the Seahawks while Music was the backdrop for his personal life.

Alas, after what was a career ending injury, Byron Franklin came to discover his lack of relationship with God. It was this harsh realisation that helped Byron Franklin discover a new life and he began on a path wherein he not only discovered himself, he also established a relationship with God.

His latest single was released on February 16th, 2022, and it contains a collaboration with the great Kevin Taylor. The new single is riveting and incredibly personal, allowing fans to not only relate to it, but also to get an insight into the life lived by Byron Franklin which resulted in this masterpiece. Engineering in Muscle Shoals at Wishbone studio with Billy Lawson, and doing production work out of California with Brian Reeves has allowed Byron Franklin to gain experience in the industry. His music style is a unique mixture of contemporary sounds with a solid foundation of faith. It is Byron Franklin’s belief that in this season, we must all reach out to those who have no relationship with God, and help them realise a life and purpose connected to God’s plan. It is his aspiration that through his discography, Byron Franklin is able to help those who may be seeking a Life of divine purpose while also creating music for the mainstream masses to enjoy.

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Byron Franklin is an up and coming singer and songwriter who started off as an impressive athlete in high school. Unfortunately, after being on the receiving end of a career ending injury, Byron Franklin came to realise that his way of doing things in life had come to an end and decided to give Gods way a try. Aspiring to create music as a bridge to a divine relationship, Byron Franklin continues his journey of growth and purpose using music as a vehicle for change.


Byron Franklin
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