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Rebranding Christian Hip Hop Music To Spread Love – Rising Talent Eric Cohen Creates Music That Heals

Eric wants his music to be the shining bright light of hope for someone who’s been stuck in a dark tunnel for quite some time

Kansas City, MO — Eric Cohen is an up and coming hip hop artist who is based in Missouri, and he is gaining fame and followers rapidly due to the love and passion with which he curates his music. Drawing musical inspiration from Lecrae, Toby Mac, We Are Messengers and Andy Mineo, Eric Cohen has established a reputation for himself wherein he draws on his life experiences and spiritual inspiration to bring forth a message of hope, peace, and power to his fans who hail from all belief systems and walks of life.

What makes Eric Cohen’s music and discography unique is the fact that it all stems from a place of love and deep concern. Being someone who is extremely empathetic, Eric Cohen is aware of the plethora of problems that ail society, specifically the common man. There was a period in his life where he was caught in a darkness that was all-consuming, all-engulfing. In that particular time period, he thought life was hopeless and he felt completely broken and unable to fully ever get back on his feet. It was then that Eric Cohen felt a calling from Jesus himself, who gave him the gift of creating music overnight. Since then, it has been no looking back for Eric Cohen, who channels his empathy and love for his fellow human beings into each and every powerful lyric he conjures up, with the only goal in his mind being reaching back into the darkness using the gift of music given to him by God, only to help others who are still stuck.

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Eric Cohen is a Missouri-based hip hop artist who is rapidly on the rise especially in the spheres of Christian music and alternative hip hop. Eric has had a history with darkness. Navigating a chaotic childhood of poverty and addiction, while simultaneously having his own experiences with sin and vice, it has not been an easy road for Eric Cohen, but he thanks god everyday that he never gave up. Even after accepting the message of Christ and getting clean, Eric continued to struggle with the temptations and pain of this world.

Two years ago, his world was crumbling. His relationship with God and his family was at an all-time low. Eric felt useless, lost, and in despair. He would spend his nights sleeping in his truck unable to face his loved ones and without much hope for the future. Alas, he translated all this pain and anguish into cathartic poetry that he let out in the form of music. Since then, he continues to achieve catharsis using his music to guide people from the depths of despair.


Eric cohen
Name: Eric Cohen
Address: 5808 Ne 45th St, Kansas City, MO
Phone: 18166634646




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