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Pioneer Of Hip-Hop Renaissance To Release New Album

Get ready for revolutionary and passion-infused music

 Alexandria, Virginia – April 6th, 2021 – Jastin Artis is scheduled to release the album ‘Love in Darkness I’, a collaborative effort involving diverse talent on April 30th, 2021. It includes drummer Bryan Guarino. Audio Engineer Juan Fco. Muñoz, indie artists Demione Louis and Maygen Lacey,  Producer for HMBeatz Herston Milton, Denise “Coach D” Winter, and producer Elomuse.

A trendsetter, Jastin created his genre, hip-hop renaissance. It is a blend of Gospel, hip-hop, acoustic and electric guitars, and poetry performance. A different take on mainstream hip-hop, the artist’s music promises a lot of passion, rawness, and a wholly spiritual experience. Understandably enough, Jastin’s musical career displays potential. In 2018, the artist released an emotionally laden album, ‘The Separation,’ based on his broken marriage and parental alienation. Currently, the artist is set to release part one of a two-part album in spring and part two in fall. These projects will be the artist’s ninth and tenth albums. For readers eager to listen to get a taste of the artist’s soulful music, they can follow this link to stream the first single, “This Black Skin,” of ‘Love in Darkness I.’

Jastin’s music comes from a place of emotional pain and harrowing personal experiences. For instance, the artist’s last album supports a movement that many fathers have gone through and support but are not aware of. Based on parental alienation, Jastin raises his voice on Father’s Rights Movement and Equal Shared Parenting. Always intending to inspire and motivate, listeners will be captivated by the artist’s compositions. Revolutionary, uplifting, and stimulating, the artist’s work truly stands apart. Drawing motivation from godly principles, purpose, family, and humanity, Jastin does an excellent job of infusing these elements into his music.

The dynamic artist has several music inspirations. His kids, his life, and musicians like Michael Jackson, Queen Latifah, John Mayer, Jay-Z, and many more, all tie together to enable the artist to create exceptional music. In 2019, Jastin achieved several significant milestones, including 9k streams in 61 countries and 8k listeners on Spotify, over 24k views on YouTube, and scoring the #1 rank on Reverbnation’s Local and Regional Charts. He also has a total of 2.4M plays on SoundCloud.

Already on his way to success, Jastin has several goals aligned for 2021. He wants to spread his message via music to other countries, reach a following of about 20K on his socials, gather up to a million streams on his album, and use his success to bring about the change he wants in the black community.

For more information, please visit his website and reach out via the contact information below for interviews, reviews, booking, and/or collaborations.

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Father to two boys, a full-time musician, and a business owner, Jastin is also a Father’s Rights Movement advocate. Currently, he is happily re-married and wants to enter the next level of his musical career. Jastin is also the president of Artis Studios LLC, which helps indie artists achieve their dreams.



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