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Ode to Bob Marley through fresh and stunning tribute vocals: Presenting to the World Justin J. Moore and Carina Castillo

Justin J. Moore and Carina Castillo are all set to become a rising sensation as they produce and create stunning musical compositions that inspire and resonate with listeners of the Pop and Soul music genres

Tel Aviv, Israel – February 1st, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist and producers Justin J. Moore and Carina Castillo are on the road towards success and critical acclaim as they have created the most stunning Non-Reggae Tribute songs that provide the finest ode to Bob Marley through a splendid and inspiring Multi-national musical collaboration among various artists and producers. Celebrating Bob Marley’s 76th upcoming birthday on February 6th 2021, the collaborative song is aptly titled “Prophet King of Lions”. The song is a non-reggae tribute sung as an ode of praise eulogizing Bob Marley.
The stunning song was released on November 14, 2020. It is a multi-national musical collaboration from artists in Germany, Canada and Israel. The song is sung as a duet by Justin J. Moore from Canada and Carina Castillo from Germany, and makes use of the most distinct artistic elements that were characteristic of Bob Marley’s music, and reflective of the many multifaceted themes present in the music.

Bob Marley is one of the most influential spiritual guides and musical geniuses the world has had the fortune to see and hear. Bob Marley was an advocate of the unending siblinghood of humanity and his music still resonates around the world with the messages of freedom, love and cooperation. The stunning ode continues this thematic portrayal resonating important messages and kindling the spirit of brotherhood and compassion, love, kindness and free spirits evoking longing feelings.

The single “Prophet King of Lions” is unique as it is such a song which is surprisingly not a reggae tune, but one that combines classical and adult contemporary sounds, including piano, flute and a string quartet. The working collective artist’s aim was to introduce Bob Marley to non-reggae music lovers around the world and to celebrate his life and work. With stunning vocals by Justin J. Moore, who hails from Canada and Carina Castillo from Germany, the single has been composed by Mickey Gavrielov- one of Israel’s foremost composers. The single’s lyrics were penned by the amazing Yaron Farzan who was executive producer on the musical composition. The single is inspired by a poem by H.N. Bialik (the famed late Israeli poet laureate, and is a fresh soulful source of inspiration and grace for all fans of the genre and of the late legendary artist.




Justin J. Moore is an up-and-coming, talented singer, songwriter and artist from Canada. His contemporary and co-artist on the tribute single Carina Castillo is also an independent singer and songwriter from Germany.
Working with the splendid team of Philipp Krätzer who is a great musical producer from Germany and Yaron Farzan who works on lyrics, hailing from Israel, the two artists have created magic.
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