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De’andre’s Rich Fusion of Gospel and Hip Hop Genres To Create Unique Musical Compositions

  • With his stunning and impressive grasp over a range of genres, De’andre produces and creates musical compositions that inspire and motivate listeners

Houston, TX – February 9, 2021 – In today’s fast paced world of mainstream musical tunes and compositions, De’andre is a welcome addition who is set to cause ripples across the music industry with his stunning and admirable range of talents. Producing and curating music which encompasses the spirit of soulful Gospel, and the hip and groovy beats of Hip Hop and Pop music, De’andre is a true force to be reckoned with.

The artist’s love and adoration for Gospel music began as a young boy attending a small church with his family and singing as part of the church’s choir. This nostalgic memory struck his heartstrings and this experience of expressing himself through choir and Gospel music allowed him to develop a strong liking for the genre and for singing. Discovering his fine and undeniable vocal talents while waiting for his parents to join him as he used to sing by himself after church service, De’andre has only gone up and up. Listeners in church and outside were always impressed and moved by the strong vocal range and talents of De’andre which he groomed and hones to become the stunning singer he is today. His touching and soulful music continues to enthral and impress audiences and listeners all around.

With the stunning vocal talents he has showcased for the world on the single titled “Trust”, De’andre is set to impress, inspire and motivate listeners to become better versions of themselves and learn and take away strong messages from his soulful tunes and compositions. His upcoming music is sure to add on to his already admirable collection of compositions and help him become a true force to be reckoned with.

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De’andre is an up-and-coming artist who is a true talent creating music in the genres of Gospel music, Pop and Hip Hop, fusing together his vocal talents and stunning song writing. De’andre had his breakthrough by releasing his first single last year in 2020 onto SoundCloud titled “Trust” going public with his vocal talents. This decision to go public came about after he collaborated with his brother on his music.

De’andre believes that the joy and satisfaction he received by singing and putting his talent out in the world was unmatched. By crafting his verses for someone other than himself, he overcame lots of struggles and challenges and allowed his talent to be appreciated through a public platform. “Trust” highlighted his unique flow, voice, and lyrics and offers a stunning and relatable musical composition for people to enjoy and revel in. De’andre plans on writing and producing more music that can allow him to completely and truly understand his vocal talents.



Name: De’andre