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New Orleans Mayor Calls For Removal Of Lauren Daigle From New Years Celebration

Over the weekend, it was announced by several news stations that New Orleans Mayor LayToya Cantrel, is calling for Dick Clark Productions to remove Lauren Daigle from the Rockin’ New Years Eve Celebration lineup. 

After Lauren joined Sean Feucht last month at a ‘Let Us Worship’ event, Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that “[Lauren] harmed our people,” and “she cannot be allowed to represent New Orleans.”

The Mayor of New Orleans met with Lauren recently, and according to City of New Orleans Communications Director Beau Tidwell, “the Mayor’s concerns regarding Daigle’s actions in November remain the same.”

This is still a developing story, and there hasn’t been any confirmation that Lauren will be removed from the Rockin’ New Years Eve Celebration lineup. You can read Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s letter regarding this issue by clicking here.