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Lindy Cofer Announces New Single in Partnership with 1MILLIONHOME

Recently on social media, worship artist Lindy Cofer announced that she’s teaming up with Meredith Andrews to release a new single called “No Orphans in Heaven (Let It Be So On Earth)” in partnership with 1MILLIONHOME and Orphan Myth. Lindy Cofer is asking her fans to pray for orphans and to donate to 1MILLIONHOME to place children in permanent homes.


“Not everyone is called to take in children, but I believe that we’re all called to pray for the orphan and the widow.” Lindy shared in a video on Instagram. “I would ask you to pray. You can pray, you can give, and you can support.”


“No Orphans in Heaven (Let It Be So On Earth)” released on March 30, and you can give to Lindy’s campaign by going to