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Inspiring Positivity through Enriching Gospel and Christian Narratives: Jose Moella Stuns with New Album

With 13 stirring tracks, Jose Moella’s dynamic new album, ‘Heaven On Earth’ encapsulates the intrinsic value of love, life, and gratitude

Euless, Texas —April 01st, 2022 – Jose Moella is a rising icon in the realm of Gospel and Christian music, who is making all the noise with his poignant, expressive and moving narrations. Titled, ‘Heaven On Earth’, Moella’s stunning new album is a celebration of the many emotions one feels throughout life, ushering listeners into new voyages in 2022.

With tracks such as, “Victory”, “Shammah”, “You Make Me Happy”, It’s Your Presence, and “Rising Sun”, Moella encompasses the very vital value of loving the life that one has, fighting against the odds of trials and tribulations stacked up against you. The artist’s vibrant discography elicits sundry emotions from within listeners hearts, through relatable song writing that is bound to have many fans.

“You Make me Happy” is a mellow and heartfelt track that opens listeners up to the idea of happiness and ebullience, empowering them to let go of all woes and power out of the bowels of despondency. The talented artist adds a layered and personal narrative, underscored by Christian thematic inspirations, hoping to weave renewed connections between the Lord and listeners.

‘Heaven on Earth’ was released for listeners on January 22nd, 2022, and includes a number of soulful tracks, each delineating a powerful and moving message.

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Jose Moella is a talented and growing Christian musician, singer-songwriter, and recording and performing artist. The rising musician was always moved by a passion to test his hand at music and stir listeners with his unique and characteristic Gospel ethos. For Moella, creating music is more than just simply weaving profound narratives, rather, music is a way to exalt the Lord, and ignite the fire of love, gratitude, and devotion within the beating hearts of each listener.

Having recently released his much-awaited Gospel and Soul album, ‘Heaven on Earth’, Jose Moella is looking forward to cultivating a vibrant identity for himself and his art forms. Hoping to make a lasting impact within Christian and Gospel, the talented artist is also psyched and looking forward to enthralling listeners in an acoustic concert in June 2022.


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