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Embracing the Love and Blessings of the Lord with Touching Gospel Tunes: Alfred Oki Unveils New Gospel Single

A sensory and unfeigned track, “Awesome God” encapsulates the beauty and authenticity of loving the world and the empowering force behind everything

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom — April 26th, 2021- Alfred Oki represents more than just an independent and rising singer-songwriter- he represents a budding phenomenon in Gospel, paying heartfelt tributes to the Lord. Having already fortified himself as a force to be reckoned with tracks such as, “Awesome God”, “God Never Fails”, and most recently his new track, “Jesus Is a Winner”, Oki is set for newer avenues.

Presenting listeners an unfeigned, authentic, and passionate mix of lyricism and rhythms, the eclectic artist hopes to connect to his listeners, and make them feel the breadth of emotions and sentiments. With raw, simple, and moving song writing, Oki sets himself apart from others in the genre.

The artist’s brilliant discography includes his splendid 3-track EP, ‘Sing Hosanna’ and single “Bend Down and Dance” which encompasses each listener with passionate and soul-stirring narratives. The artist stepped into the world of music during the COVID-19 pandemic, after composing and singing Gospel songs to put pen to paper and immortalize emotions.

Alfred Oki believes that his songs such as “Awesome God” and “Jesus Is a Winner” are messages to one person at a time. Listeners feel the love of God listening to songs, as the songs are not complicated and easy to sing along with unique beats. The artist remains motivated by a thirst to let the world know that to praise God, you don’t need to have an amazing voice or have music that is embossed with gaudy elements- you simply need a heartfelt and meaningful mindset.

“My belief is that any genre of music can be used to praise God because He gave us the knowledge about music and as a result my beats cuts across a wide range of genre beats,” says Alfred Oki regarding his musical mantra.

Alfred Oki’s goal is to inspire as many listeners as possible, as he strongly believes that God deserves to be praised and aims to work on his plan to weave links with as many as possible through Gospel songs to make a difference in the world.

Stream Alfred Oki’s new release, “Jesus Is a Winner” on the artist’s official music platforms and follow the artist on social media for updates on new and upcoming tracks “You God Are My God” and “You Are Worthy” on May 4th, 2022. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.




Alfred Datonye Oki, better known by his artistic identity Alfred Oki, is an inspiring and talented new force in the world of Gospel. The growing artist actualized his intrinsic talents and gifts because of the time that he found himself with during the pandemic. As a result, the artist was motivated to make his own unique musical compositions in 2021.

Led by a strong belief in God, Alfred Oki remains motivated by faith in God-given knowledge. Diligently curating musical compositions that glorify the Lord, Oki intends to use his talents to pay homage to the Lord and the many blessings he has been endowed with in this world. His discography reflects an over-arching theme of gratitude, love, and thankfulness towards God and His blessings. Oki hopes to continue singing and exalting the Lord, with an underlying aim of making a positive and meaningful dent in the world.


Alfred Oki
Name: Alfred Datonye Oki
Address: Totnes Road, 5, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Phone: +447392300243




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