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Inspiring and anointed songs giving hope and life.

Quincy, MA — Introducing anointed sounds from heaven by a new Christian artist bringing hope and life to world-wide audiences as well as resonating God’s unconditional love and truth.

Every human being needs true unconditional love because that type of love transcends earthly and societal boundaries, prejudices, and disparities of all kinds.  Each song will enlighten hope and faith in hearts directing hearers to the source of new beginnings and impartial rescue which is available to anyone desiring mercy and grace.

When God speaks His Word and man welcomes and receives it in his heart, the Spirit giveth life.  Songs released with words from heaven which shall never return unto heaven without fulfilling His divine purposes here in the earth, manifesting by miracles, signs and wonders, all to glorify God.  Melodies and harmonies with a mission.

A showered down, purifying and encouraging rain from above permeating to the very heart and soul of humanity through compassionate and loving words sung with His love and care in mind, powerful enough to open blind eyes, deaf ears, heal disease and raise the dead back to life again.

Everyone is invited to visit the url below for learning how you too can begin listening to hear lyrics of life, hope and love streaming down from above with no respect of persons:



Artist: Charles Raymond Bell, member of BMI(Broadcast Music, Inc.), grew up in Lakeland, Florida and was one of several first seat trumpeters in his high school marching band, who later throughout college years became divinely inspired and trained as a vocalist and keyboardist by the Holy Spirit, resulting in over 90 original compositions in a span of some thirty years or more.


Charles Raymond Bell
Name: Charles Raymond Bell
Address: 12 Miller Street, Unit 2, Quincy, MA
Phone: 7402587635




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