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Acoustic, Alternative, and Hip Hop in a Bold New Light- Iconic Artist Chucka Ducka Unveils Entrancing New Stories

The hottest artist in Muncie, Chucka Ducka spellbinds audiences with his breahtaking new records, “SummerNights 3,” and “HomeComing Warrior 3,”

Muncie, INDIANA —June 16th, 2023 – Deeply resonating with audiences, Chucka Ducka’s musical story is revealed to audiences in the finest manner through his stunning new musical compositions. The artist’s new record “HomeComing Warrior 3” was unveiled for audiences on June 10th, 2023, closely following the single “SummerNights 3” on July 4th, 2023.

With his new records, Chucka Ducka continues to leave a profound impact on people’s lives, offering narratives of hope and relatability. Listeners find solace in his lyrics, as they can put themselves in his shoes and resonate with his experiences. However, what sets the artist apart truly, is his authenticity.

Undeterred and unafraid, Chucka Ducka remains true to himself with his honestly woven tracks that aim to touch the depths of people’s souls and connectson a personal level. Looking to the future, the singer envisions touring, expanding his musical journey, and engendering deeper connections with his fans.

Chucka Ducka’s journey has been shaped by a series of personal struggles, including the loss of loved ones and friends entangled within the destructive system. However, through his unique talents, Chucka Ducka continues to channel his experiences into motivation, while staying focused on his goals.

With heartfelt appreciation, Chucka Ducka extends his gratitude to his fans, family, and friends for their ever-present support, recognizing that their contributions have been pivotal in shaping his musical path.

“I made mistakes, but I learned from them and hope my fans… everyone can learn from me; I have been shot twice and it is a blessing to still live in separate situations,” says Chucka Ducka regarding his music.

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A seasoned singer-songwriter Chucka Ducka was raised in Muncie, Indiana. Despite facing a series of testing challenges throughout his life, including the loss of his childhood friend Day Day and personal struggles, Chucka Ducka has embraced music as a guiding light.

With a profound love for music since the age of twelve, the artist has dedicated nine years to honing his craft. His bold and powerful music is a reflection of real stories and heartfelt emotions, turning personal experiences into relatable tales.

Chucka Ducka’s journey has been marked by both triumph and tragedy. The passing of his beloved Granny in 2016 and the memories of close friends like Pete, China, DR, Prob, Lo, Modoe, and Matt Grimes serve as reminders of the impact they had on his life. In the last two years alone, Chucka Ducka has released19 albums and hopes to continually pushing the boundaries of his music.


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