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Enigmatic Outlaw Rock and Alternative Mixes: Singer-Songwriter John Consalvo Unveils New Story Album

With rich narrative strength and lyricism that is both captivating and memorable, rising artist John Consalvo is driven to soar with his eclectic Alternative and Christian compositions, rooted in authentic portrayals and storytelling, with release of his New Album, “Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided & Conquered”.

Issaquah, Washington – June 29th, 2021 – Breaking into the musical scene with yet another stirring release on all music platforms, rising singer and songwriter, John Consalvo is driven to inspire listeners, with 10 stunning tracks. Having released on June 29th, 2021, the artist’s stirring album “Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided & Conquered”, manifests a story album, traversing the rich and varied genres of Outlaw-Alt Rock, Country Rock, Folk and even Punk. “Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided & Conquered” is now available on all streaming platforms with a full CD release later this summer, and has been produced by the talented Tyler Mays at Irongrove Studios.

The album’s electric debut single, “Open the Sea” has already amassed massive 65k views on YouTube and 30k streams on Spotify, a commendable feat for the eclectic artist. With 10 original songs that recount the beginning of a man’s journey during the “End times”, John Consalvo amazes listeners with his wide musical range, rooted in Christian elements and an embedded apocalyptic/badlands vibe in the lyricism.

Marked by John Consalvo’s moving vocal prowess and guitar play, Tyler Mays’ bass grooves and dynamic keyboard/guitar work , and Cade Legat’s elite drum performance, “Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided & Conquered”, is an anthem of strength and determination. The album focuses on the conflicting yet intriguing struggle of a man who strays away from his calling, allured by the distractions that lead him away from his passion, and the intricate return to a redemptive path.

“I don’t want to give too much away because after all, it’s art and sometimes what you think I’m saying is just as powerful as what I am actually saying. But there are certainly ties to end time prophetic events, internal struggles about political/media/social divisions, personal loss, hope, and purpose,” says John Consalvo regarding his new release.

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Rising multi-genre singer and songwriter, John Consalvo is on the right track towards success. With release of his new album, ‘Into the Apocalypse Part A: Divided & Conquered’, the talented powerhouse showcases strength of narration and explores rich thematic portrayals, rooted in prophetic events and storytelling.

Currently recording Part B of his album, John Consalvo has also complemented his album with a music video for single “Troubles of the World” on YouTube, which has already garnered 10k views. The new album follows up on his first titled ‘Choose This Day’ which released in 2005. In addition to music, John is a fantasy author, motivated to help folks from all walks of life in finding purpose in life.


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