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Dynamic Sister Duo BiBi & Siah Mesmerise in Latest Single “Not Today”

How Zo Kwe Zo Music is Setting the Bar for Music with Meaningful Messaging

Silver Spring, MD — For BiBi and Siah, making music has always been more than their signature eclectic dance/pop sound. As women of the Central African Republic, they believe in women empowering women, and using their cumulative strength to make their voices heard. According to them, they want their listeners to “think about unity, love and respect because you need this in order to work. Their latest single, “Not Today”, is a perfect blend of dance-pop, meaningful lyrics and impressive vocals. Through their incredibly versatile melodies, breathtaking vocals and inspiring lyricism, they are essentially sending out energies and prayers to help create opportunities for widows, safe environments for youth and clean water for the population.

BiBi & Siah have been singing and songwriting since they were young. In 2005, they started Zo Kwe Zo music, which stands for “all humans are humans”- a message they want to spread through their music, as well. According to them, “Our Goal is to make our listeners, viewers, fans, and community as happy as they can be when they listen to our melodies, and also receive the message that we put out throughout that tune.”.

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BiBi and Siah are a sister duo who have been making music under their organisation, Zo Kwe Zo music, since 2005. Based in Maryland, this talented pair of artists aims to touch people’s hearts and minds through their uplifting music, highlighting important social issues like women empowerment, youth empowerment and environmental awareness. Their music is a mix of catchy dance beats, infused with their signature modern pop sound.  As women of the Central African Republic, they want to inspire their fans and listeners to stop being silent and use their collective strength for change.


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