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Celebrating Life and Positivity with Captivating Gospel Rhythms: Rising Artist Steven Delorn Hampton Unveils New Single

With his uplifting and captivating new single, aspiring artist Steven Delorn Hampton is enthusiastic to channel his passion for Christian Gospel Music into helping listeners discover their faith and channel a positive outlook.

Louisville, Kentucky – May 31st 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and song writer, Steven Delorn Hampton, is sending ripples through the musical scene of Christian Gospel music. Set to soar and make a name for himself in the musical industry, this rising artist is set to become the next big name in the Gospel world. With his set-apart vocal style and unwavering consistency, Hampton’s contagious positivity is bound to uplift your spirits through his captivating beats.

With the release of his  single titled, ’Allalujah “Is The Praise‘’,  The eclectic artist highlights a wide range of vocal prowess and musical talents through a sensational combination of bass, baritone, tenor and falsetto. Hampton’s bluesy sounding gospel with a contemporary edge encourages the celebration of life and his hip beats give off a positive energy, bound to make listeners move along with the rhythm.

“Life’s lessons is a Psalm” Hampton says, which is the message he hopes to put across through his release, ’Allalujah “Is the Praise.”’ The artist reveals that his music is for the unsaved, backslidden and saved alike as he believes that the essence of Christian Gospel music is to guide listeners towards a more positive and progressive outlook on life. Hampton’s ability to remain consistent in his art and maintain an inspiring stage presence despite being relativity unknown is admirable and this steadfast dedication is evident through his music.

This newest single represents faith, hope and optimism; these themes characterize much of his music, such as his latest CD project, “These Are The Times” which contains 10 blessed songs and should garner him a more widespread fan-base.

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Born on May 3rd 1958 in Decatur Alabama, Steven Delorn Hampton is the oldest of three siblings. Over the past 23 years, he has recorded music to tell the story of his journey with his faith to inspire listeners to embrace and appreciate Christianity. Along with recording inspirational music, Hampton travels extensively, performing at churches, concerts, live celebrations and open mic venues. His strategic combination of blues and R&B styles in his Gospels have earned him the title of “The Pied Piper” of Gospel.”Ushering towards the light.

Inspired by a diverse collection of artists such as Zachary Larson, the William Singers and John P.Kee, Hampton hopes his latest release attracts listeners looking for a connection to their faith through music. Fans can also look forward to his first video and two new albums this year for more inspiring and uplifting Gospel beats.


Name: Steven Delorn Hampton