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100 A.K.A. The Messenger Pushes the Positive with ‘Prophetic’

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Atlanta, Georgia – August 16, 2018 – When it comes to a definite style, 100 A.K.A. The Messenger is all over the place. From reggae to hip-hop to soul, he does it all and then some but at the end of the day all of his music falls under one glorious umbrella and that is gospel. With Christian roots, his belief runs deep throughout his music, including his latest release Prophetic.

Prophetic covers all the bases, leaving no music fans out. Writing, composing, recording, mixing and mastering – 100 went in 100% on his latest album. Which people have come to learn and expect from him. He notes, “People tell me I am special because I am not afraid to be what and who I am in music.” Meaning that he does not hold back. Because of that 100 has seen a variety of success going full throttle with his sound.

He has been featured on more than half a dozen gospel TV programs, as well as on national radio stations. In person, he’s played internationally in Germany and as part of Armed Forces Shows in Korea and East Africa. In the end, his number one goal is to deliver the gift of the lord through his gift of song, “My plans are to push positive messages through music and use my gift to unite good people.”

Those who want to be united via 100 either by featuring his music, reviewing Prophetic, or interviewing him can reach out via the information provided below.


100 A.K.A. The Messenger is a gospel-based artist that dives into a myriad of styles on his latest release, Prophetic.         

100 A.K.A The Messenger

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