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“We wanna do small things,” Says The Owner of Humanitarian Company, Bornagainers

Be completely humble and gentle: be patient, bearing with one another in Love – their motto

Miami, Florida – July 7th, 2021 – Dayani Lozano and Ciro Benemelis are a power duo making inroads in the music industry through their humanitarian services. Their company, Bornagainers, is at the forefront of these efforts and is dedicated to helping and informing emerging artists about their rights regarding music intellectual property. Dayani Lozano is a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, while her husband, also extremely kindhearted and generous, is a musician, producer, and businessman.

The company Bornagainers is an expression of the couple’s efforts. As a result of their experiences of being exploited by foreigners who would profit from the couple’s ignorance, the two decided they would officially start helping musicians and artists around them fight copyright issues. When the two moved from Cuba to the US and learned about copyright laws, they were shocked at the exploitation they had experienced. Wanting to make sure no one else goes through this, their company helps composers and authors protect not only their copyright information but also provides knowledge about publishing music, royalties, and other relevant things.

Dayani and Cirito are dedicated to their cause and wish to empower as many musicians as possible. Hard-working and determined to push beyond perceived boundaries, the two want to do good and justice to people who invest everything they have to spread good in the world via music. They also assist individuals in developing countries or where Christian music is not supported except for churches. Despite vast distances, Dayani and Cirito have surpassed difficulties repeatedly to help people produce competitive material and secure their copyright in prestigious institutions.

Skilled musicians and experienced producers, the talented couple has conducted several major concerts and projects together. Cirito is currently working as a musician for the maestro Alvaro Torres. He comes from a renowned family with a music tradition that goes back to several generations. Dayani is a prominent Cuban American self-taught singer who started to learn singing by studying Gospel Choirs of North American Music.

Dayani and Cirito draw inspiration from the music their customers make and are deeply respectful of the struggle new musicians put in as they try to make it big in the music industry. The faith and endurance displayed in the music of such artists make Dayani and Cirito work even harder.

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Dayani Lozano is a businesswoman who is her choreographer, stage manager, representative, manager, and director of brands. She is also recognized as a prominent Cuban American who is considered the pioneer of pop music in Cuba. A true leader, Dayani stays true to her roots and strives to remain humble at all times.




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