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VeggieTales’ Mike Nawrocki to Continue Dead Sea Squirrels

Nashville, TN (July 8, 2019)
This September, co-creator of VeggieTales, Mike Nawrocki, will continue The Dead Sea Squirrels children’s Christian fiction series with Nutty Study Buddies and Squirrelnapped!

These new books continue the hilarious story of Michael Gomez and Merle and Pearl Squirrel with lessons on the value of hard work and honesty
In addition to illustrations throughout, each book opens with a comic-book style prologue recapping the story thus far and closes with fun profiles of each main character.

The “Dr. Gomez’s Historical Handbook” feature teaches readers about the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls, prompting curiosity about the Bible
The Dead Sea Squirrels will appeal to both boys and girls, but especially to reluctant reader boys who are engaged by humor and adventure—offering a wholesome alternative to potty-humor books and secular bestsellers.

In praise of Squirreled Away, the first installment in the Dead Sea Squirrels series, Kirkus Reviews noted…