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TRB is a contemporary Christian Rock group creating God inspired music for listeners of all ages.

Greenwood, Indiana — January 14, 2016 — The Rapaputy Band is a contemporary Christian Rock group creating God inspired music that will please listeners of all ages. In line with Petra, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns and Audio Adrenaline – TRB seeks to ‘Win the lost at any cost’.

The Rapaputy Band is the combined forces of Steve Rapp and Herbie Manuputy. As Contemporary Christian Music artists, they have been playing and writing Christian music most of their lives. Starting their music careers early in life, they’ve played in secular bands, Christian bands and worship teams. Studio recording has yielded the band four CD projects as God taught them the words and the music.

Herbie’s playing lead guitar with the late Larry Norman has added to TRB’s special mix of musical experience. From LA, Memphis to the Midwest, their style of original Christian Contemporary Rock songs has been in the making since 2002. Their music has been influenced over the years by various other artists and groups including Eric Clapton, Joe English, Phil Keaggy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Phil Collins, Russ Taff, Michael W. Smith, Petra, Alabama, Jars of Clay, Toto, Casting Crowns and Audio Adrenaline.

Around May of 2014 TRB expanded the band inviting Mike Pipes on Bass Guitar/Harmony Vocals and Dean Cantrell on Keys. This allowed the band to minister God’s message in song on the road. Along the way God has been faithful causing the band to realize their place in His Kingdom.

TRB currently is in work on their fifth CD Project to once again record with TMG (Tate Music Group) in Oklahoma City. Trusting in God, the Father of Jesus the Messiah, TRB continues to ‘Win the lost at any cost’.

TRB welcomes you to visit their website with music playing as the site loads.


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