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TobyMac Drops New Album, Reminds Christians to Choose God Daily

Christian artist TobyMac talked with Billy Hallowell for “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” to talk about what he has learned from his new album.

TobyMac, a singer and songwriter, just released his new album called “The Elements” which he says is about combating the pressures and hardships of the world today.  

In the podcast episode that aired on October 26, the singer told Hallowell that it is imperative that we wake up every morning making the intentional decision to live our lives for God.

While talking about the inspiration behind the album the musician said, “To me, it means waking up every morning and setting your mind on being the person you want to be, the friend you want to be, the spouse you want to be.”

He added, “You walk out the door and it feels like you’re beat down on all those fronts all day … you’re sort of facing these elements —…