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The Oak Ridge Boys and Reba McEntire Pay Tribute to Dear Friend, President George H.W. Bush

As thousands of people gather at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, TX, to celebrate the life of America’s 41stpresident George H.W. Bush, the president’s good friends and country stars the Oak Ridge Boys, paid tribute to him by singing Amazing Grace.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the former president wrote that he wanted his favorite group to sing the classic hymn at his funeral. 

During the service in Texas, the Oak Ridge Boys noted that they first sang for Bush in October 1983, when he was Vice President of the United States. Joe Bonsall of the group recalled the then Vice President asking the group to sing for him. 

He said, “We first sang for him in October of 1983 on the lawn of the White House when he was Vice President and he said, ‘Fellas,’ he always called us fellas, ‘would you sing me a few songs? I’m a big fan.’”