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Stirring and Inspiring Soul and R&B Tribute: Emerging Artist Steve Ryan Unveils New Single

With his touching and mesmerizing music that mixes the best of Pop and R&B, budding singer and songwriter Steve Ryan is all set to climb atop all charts with his poignant new single titled “Proud of Me”

Los Angeles, California – April 13th, 2021 – An up-and-coming artist, Steve Ryan is driven to craft the most touching and moving musical compositions, solidifying his position as a storyteller of authentic and beautiful narrations.
Showcasing his spellbinding and captivating vocals, the rising vocalist is ready to take the Soul and R&B world by storm, with fresh new single titled “Proud of Me”.

A tribute to his late father, the new single pays a touching homage to his beloved using a beautiful melodic composition, accentuated by Ryan’s soul-stirring vocals and background instrumentals.

Having released on 6th April 2021, a date that coincides with his father’s death anniversary, “Proud of Me” is a compelling and expressive composition that touches on the soulful themes of love, loss and life. Imbued with inspiration and unconditional adoration, the single is bound to touch the hearts and minds of every person wishing to honor their loved ones lost in today’s tumultuous times.

Written in collaboration with partners Amy Kuney and Cari Cole, the single’s musical production has been overseen by the talented Austin Armstrong. The single highlights undertones of introspection, reflection and feelings of love, through the power of Ryan’s resonant vocals.

Following the release of his 2020 single “Miracle of Love”, “Proud of Me” will further explore the budding singer’s talents and remarkable musical abilities.

“What makes this music unique is that it’s not afraid to dive into matters that truly touch people on a deeper level”, says Steve, regarding his new masterpiece.

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Up-and-coming artist Steve Ryan is a talented singer and songwriter, who creates inspirational Pop, Rock and R&B compositions. Inspired by 19th century poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s description of musicians as “music makers…the dreamers of dreams,” Ryan began his journey primarily as a songwriter, before releasing his debut track “Steve Ryan Presents” in 2010.

In 2012, Ryan released an EP titled “Intermission”, which soared to the Best Sellers category on Amazon, followed by 2013 album ‘Boundless Moments”. Steve continued to experiment and evolve his R&B and Soul style, following up with a third album in 2014 titled ‘Feel at Ease’ and a 4th album titled, ”Smooth Melodies’ in 2016.

The growing artist has continued to cultivate and imbue his musical compositions with much-needed authenticity, releasing a string of singles such as ‘‘Movin On’’ in 2018 and ‘‘Miracle of Love’’ in 2020. With his fresh new tribute “Proud of Me”, Ryan wishes to embark on a musical journey that is both introspective for him and inspirational for listeners.




Name: Steve Ryan