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Singer-Songwriter Kira Fontana Releases New Music Video

Singer-Songwriter Kira Fontana Releases New Music Video

Singer-songwriter Kira Fontana releases acoustic music video for new single ‘Refuge’. After a year of intense introspection, Kira gave her life to Jesus in a radical conversion in 2017. As a brand new believer, she was still unsettled, and recalls the discomfort in it saying, “Everything I had believed for so many years had died, yet I still didn’t know my new purpose yet.” She hadn’t been inspired to write music or sing in many years, and felt she had come to the end of herself. She remembers praying one night in desperation, “God, why did you even make me?” 

That very night, Kira woke from a dream at 3am. A song flashed through her head. She got up, sat down at the piano, and recorded the chorus melody to “Refuge”. She didn’t know it at the time, but this was God’s answer. This melody He gifted to her was a new beginning in her life as a worshipper.

‘Refuge’ is a spiritual warfare anthem, about finding…