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Shana Strange Pushes Forward with Uplifting Messages of Faith

Determined Christian Pop-Folk Artist

Longview, Texas – May 9, 2018 – Life can be a struggle. That is the reality for the majority of those breathing on this great earth, but it is how one approaches those struggles that sets them apart from their peers. For Shana Strange, it’s about looking at the glass as half full. Having never given up, Shana is aware of the setbacks of the music industry for someone who is not a spring chicken but that is not stopping the fire that burns inside of their heart. Shana believes hope truly never dies and that sentiment is a testament to the standout faith of their music.

Rescue was Shana Strange’s 2010 debut. In between then and now another record came to life in 2016 as Shana found herself performing for audiences for far and wide. Having opened for international artists such as Jason Crabb, 33 Miles, NewWorldSon and Sheila Walsh, this dynamic performer has played in front of crowds ranging from 50-5000 eager fans. That has been in both larger venues of course, but also in churches as Shana is a proud Christian pop-folk singer.

Being grounded in the Christian faith, Shana knows how important the good word can be and has made it a mission to help those with music. Shana notes, “I want to  encourage people to never give up on what they feel called to do- and my life has been an example of that.” That is what Shana has done for the past two decades and what she will continue to do for as long as the world will have her.

She’s been blessed with a top 10 single in recent years, and plans to top that with a full-length record that will be dropping later this year. Those interested in reviewing a copy when available, interviewing Shana, or having her out for a performance can reach out via the information provided below.

Shana Strange is a Christian folk-pop artist who proves that life is never about giving up but pushing forward.

Shana Strange

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