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Sean Feucht Cuts Hair, Claims Locks Cure COVID

Worship leader, Sean Feucht, has been making headlines all year in his push to hold maskless rallies during the heights of the United States’ COVID-19 pandemic.

The singer–well-known for his long, flowing hair–recently made a bold statement at one of his concerts after shaving his head and methodically sprinkling his cut curls over the audience in the wind, claiming his Samson-inspired locks could protect concert-goers from COVID-19.

While many welcomed the unconventional move, not all were convinced.

After spending 20 minutes picking hair from his mouth and beard, one attendee was overheard saying, “I’d rather get a COVID test shoved up my nose than go through that experience again.” He was later heard sneezing uncontrollably.

Sean is also claiming that his hair had an effect on his recent album that was banned from his digital distributor, TuneCore. “I just felt led to mail a strand to TuneCore headquarters. A…