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Returning to the Roots of Soulful Rock Music: Presenting to the World – Soul Chatter

With their stunning and captivating musical compositions that revisit the depths of Soul and Rock music, Soul Chatter captures the best of both worlds, creating magical combinations that soothe and invigorate listeners.

Raleigh, NC – March 1, 2021 – A soulful rock band on its way to make its presence known, Soul Chatter weaves authentic musical compositions that take listeners back to the fundamentals of rock music. The band’s fresh new single, which was released on all major platforms on February 12th, is a milestone in their incredible musical journey.

Soul Chatter’s latest single titled “Mad River” is a striking song which explores core themes of retreat and redemption. The song highlights the tumult and troubles of emotional upheaval and addresses the feeling of going back to your roots and restarting your life after a certain block. As a soulful, mid-tempo rock song, “Mad River” is imbibed with a strong rhythm and distinct gospel-like feel to its lyrics. “Mad River” continues their streak of creating intelligent and melodic rock songs coupled with strong and resonant melodies, crisp guitar and atmospheric keyboards.

Soul Chatter is known to have strong and rhythmic lyricism, as reflected throughout its rich and varied Rock discography. With its latest single, Soul Chatter has worked hard to create a soul-stirring composition that stays long with the listeners and compels them to do some soul searching of their own, introspecting deep within themselves.




A group of seasoned independent artists and songwriters, Soul Chatter is a talented indie rock band that hails from the Great Lakes. Dominated and inspired by indie, Soul, and Retro style music, Soul Chatter is a true force to be reckoned with in the indie Rock scene. Heavily influenced by folk and soul music, Soul Chatter has always been a dynamic and inspiring powerhouse of musical genius.

This group of artists strongly believes that life is a series of random dances and is not driven by dictated destiny. The group is intent on creating musical compositions straight from the heart, with empathy, compassion, and the knowledge that they are trying to navigate through their musical path in the very best that they can. Soul Chatter loves to make and share music and are always looking for those who are looking for a creative connection.



Name: Brian Stepien
Number: (312) 316-3855