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Rebranding Gospel in a Soothing Single: Revelation Mado Mimics Instrumental Brilliance With ‘HIS GOODNESS’

Pinning her artistic monologues at center, Mado’s latest single shapes her voice into a diamond sharp record

Worcester, MA — Revelation Mado’s newest release ‘HIS GOODNESS’ is a testament to the artist’s versatility and vocal brilliance. The single shrugs off genre trends and presents Mado as an artist with impact in the mainstream soundscape. The up-and-coming artist’s soundscape finds itself in a genre the artist has explored well within her youth: gospel

Mado’s church roots are hammered well within the composition, structure, and delivery of the song. Each frame of verses is laid over an instrumental progression entrancing the ear to the interest of many musical palettes. Mado, with her new single, is able to find herself at the epicenter of impressiveness and yet still, maintaining her own originality.

The dreamy production carries the song till the very end. Mado’s uniqueness comes from the birthplace of most of her songs, her dreams. She calls her music, revelation music, precisely for this reason, and recalls singing with a group of people in her dreams. ‘HIS GOODNESS’ has pure energy, soul, and a unique sensational rhythm that could only be traced back to Mado’s dreams.

Storytelling and singing has paved Mado into the depths and out of the grunts of her life. She is motivated severely by the independence she carries with writing her songs on her own and surprising the industry with what is missing in the mainstream. ‘HIS GOODNESS’ brings a jolting fulfilment of joy and a teleportation listeners cannot help but experience once they press play.

With years of experience and an extensive desire to create, Mado strives for far more than a mere release. She is undeniably a force bolstering the future of the music industry and plans on creating more music for the world to ear.

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Popularly known as Mado Revelation, the artist formally goes by Magdalene Ngala. Ngala has had led a tremendous life in the sphere of music and artistic expression as well as personal fulfilment. Ngala is a pastor and a mother of two. She has carried her professional and personal life with a balance many are unable to strike.

Her childhood locates her back to Yaounde Cameroon where she grew up devouring and exploring music. Mado has always had a sheer interest in music and found herself making it into a hobby as soon as she started singing at church. She recalls writing songs for the choir but never anticipating for her career to take up the mainstream route.

Her first release ‘FILL ME’ was in 2021. Since then, she has released 4 songs and is currently working on an EP of 7 songs and an album of 16 in total.


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