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Music to reach the world not for self ambitions and glory but to honor and glorify Jesus Christ.

Denver Colorado — January 1, 2016 — In the month of January 2016, Jose Trujillo who also goes by J-Tru Soldier4Christ will be releasing a mixtape to the world. In the hopes of using his talent through music to reach souls all across the global for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. As these days are getting worse and worse by the hour Jose’s intent is to reach hearts of the people with in the world, as his heart was once reached.

Throughout many years of heart ache and suffering, Jose was once approached by a group of young men in the streets of Albuquerque NM who not only offered a time to attend a church service but as well a life time change. That was 4 years ago today Jose currently resides in Denver Co where he attends church regularly and serves Christ whole heartedly. Jose’s mixtape not only expresses his heart but as well a true testimony of the saving power of Jesus Christ within his life, with the intent of saving others through music.

Music is life and through music lives can be reached for a positive outcome. R.C Entertainment is not just a record label introduced by Jose Trujillo but, a family who can express their hearts without criticism or judgement to reach the world for Jesus. The full intent of the music is not only to express the individuals talent but to reach the world knowing theirs a better way as long as we make better choices.The motto for the label explains it all and that is ” If you can’t reach them on the street, then reach them on a beat.”

Jose Trujillo also known as J-Tru Soldier4Christ was a young gang banger coming from the streets of Albuquerque NM, who then was approached by a group of young men who invited him to attend church, little did he know that it wasn’t just a invitation to service but a invitation to meet Jesus Christ. From that day forward Jose begin to fall in love with Jesus more and more and as well begin to let Jesus use his life. Today Jose currently resides in Denver Co where he attends service regularly and serves God whole heartedly. Jose has always been musically talented but for all the wrong reasons, so on this day Jose is taking a different approach with the talent for music and turning it around to not bring destruction to lives but to bring hope to people all across the world.

Its time to take a different approach to music and not just listen to the beat but get impacted by the words on the beat. New Mixtape coming soon with all respects to producers who allowed there beats to be used for this project. Streets 2 Da Altar is not just a mixtape but also a testimony of the life changing power of Jesus Christ.


Jose Trujillo
(720) 940-7005


J-Tru Soldier4Christ real name Jose Trujillo is a Christian rap artist from Denver Colorado. He has been in the music… …Read More

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