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Melding Inspirational Pop and Christian Music with Finesse: Introducing to the World Gene & Yvonne Simia

This up-and-coming powerhouse of a duo includes maestros of uplifting Christian Pop music, creating stunning musical compositions that inspire and connect while creating rich and relatable musical beats

Tallmadge, OH – February 8th, 2021 – Budding singers and songwriters Gene and Yvone Simia are all set to become the next big thing in the genres of Christian Pop music with their fresh new album curated with inspirational and uplifting vibes. All set to become the next big household favorites with their beautiful new compositions in their new album titled “Eternity”, the talented couple is all set to take the Pop industry by storm by bringing a much-needed sense of relatability and connection through groovy music to move along to. The stunning new album titled “Eternity” is all set to release on February 8th, 2021 and is made with great effort and careful attention.

The rising duo have already been greeted with some great responses regarding the new album as it has been premiered on all major musical platforms including Facebook, Spotify, and through Jango Radio Online since September 2020. The dynamic duo have acquired a fan base through Jango Online and Facebook whose responses have encouraged them with comments of love and support. “Eternity” offers much needed uplifting musical compositions to enliven oneself and get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The duo produces music which is unique as it draws from Christian values and background, while written and composed in different styles and genres. The product is striking and inspirational music that helps listeners contemplate about their life and its many trials and tribulations, while internalizing the musical tunes that the couple composes. Gene and Yvonne Simia hope that their music will continue to touch the hearts and minds of people throughout the world, while bringing hope and new beginnings to those struggling in everyday life. Their work and new compositions will continue well into the future while being vessels for hope and inspiration and offering an upbeat musical channel to refresh minds and souls.





Gene Simia and Yvonne Simia, are a husband and wife team that have been playing and making music for over 40 years. The duo have found great joy working together and creating stunning songs for all to enjoy. Gene Simia is a pianist, vocalist, percussionist, drummer and writer. Yvonne Simia is a songwriter, vocalist, an art teacher, as well as an author of children’s books who complements and completes Gene. The couple hopes to break into the musical industry producing and creating music that connects to listeners and are looking forward to more positive responses to the new album.

The duo will be delighted if after listening their music, audiences would purchase their CDs as well. They also plan to connect with their fans through their social media platforms.



Name: Gene Simia and Yvonne Simia