Marietta Grant Releases Her Brand New Single, “I AM ME”

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Fort Worth, Texas – It is always a welcoming feeling to see a fresh face like Marietta Grant’s in the music industry. Although she started writing songs in 2010, her passion for music was born long before that. Ever since listening to “Smooth Operator” by Sade Adu, Marietta considers the famed contemporary singer to be her source of inspiration. As an independent artist, Marietta has been able to create melodies combining R&B and soul music with elements of pop.

Marietta came out with her new single, ‘I AM ME,’ on October 3, 2020. The singer uses this song to convey a message about the importance of self-love and confidence. The song is a representation of her brand as a fresh voice that hopes to cheer listeners with feel-good tunes.

Marietta is currently working hard on releasing her EP in December 2020. The hope from this album is to make the music industry take notice of her talent. Marietta also wants to try other creative art forms. By making connections in the music industry, she hope to get a chance to do some acting as well.

“I AM ME” is an inspiring piece produced by Marietta. The song invokes positive energy and vibes as it talks about life. Anyone who listens to it can make out how deeply the artist feels for all things related to music.

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Marietta Grant is a Chicago native whose single greatest passion is singing. She currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Marietta has been a singer-songwriter since 2010, producing R&B soul music that makes listeners want to dance. Besides pursuing her musical talent, Marietta also has her daytime job working at USPS. Marietta is incredibly grateful for the life she has been given and hopes to open a shelter one day to help others less fortunate than her.


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