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Joseph Higgins Comes with a Higher Power In Mind

Christian Hip-Hop with a Mission

Lincoln, Nebraska – February 9, 2018 – The message often delivered with hip-hop is far from positive. Drugs and violence reign supreme in many of the lyrics, but that’s where Joseph Higgins differs. Offering hip-hop with a Christian twist, Joseph wants to deliver a more positive image with his music to everyone around the world.

His music embodies his beliefs in the man upstairs. His album Kingdom brings forth positivity and virtue as it takes listeners towards finding their way through sound.

He has more than just that. Joseph Higgins is a nonstop music making machine and even has a new single, not on Kingdom, “The Love of God’s Word” to push his message even further to the masses.

Joseph Higgins wants to promote the love of God through hip-hop in order to reach not only older generations, but the younger fans who’ve may’ve fallen prey to the negative imagery mainstream hip-hop promotes.

Those interested in featuring “The Love of God’s Word” or interviewing Joseph Higgins about his life and message can get in touch via the information provided below.


Joseph Higgins is a Christian hip-hop artist aimed at delivering the word of the Lord to the masses.

Joseph Higgins



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