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Igniting Profound Awe of Christ through Stirring Gospel Music – Magdalene Ngala’s New Track “His Goodness” Embraces Love

Taking Gospel and Soul music to new dimensions, Magdalene Ngala affirms how her inspiring tracks are rooted within God-endowed revelations

Worcester, MA —May 13th, 2023 – Glistening like a gem, RevelationMado’s eclectic artist Magdalene Ngala is a talent unlike any other. With music that continues to resonate deeply amidst fans who harbor a pure and deep love of Christ, Magdalene continues to set herself apart from other up-and-coming contemporary artists.

Owing to her distinctive vocals, powerful songwriting, and divine inspiration, Magdalene Ngala unveils a stirring message that is bound to touch the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. With her stunning new single, “His Goodness,” the seasoned singer-songwriter captivates listeners and shares an eternal, truthful story of God’s unparalleled love.

Magdalene’s visceral, moving, and soulful tracks are an embodiment of the love and adoration which she and gazillion other people harbor for Jesus Christ. With her hopeful, illuminating tracks, the artist continues to stand apart from other listeners- not just because of her mere creativity, but mainly due to her God-granted gifts.

Led and guided by the Holy Spirit to write songs, Magdalene recounts how she does not just get up and write music on her own. Rather, all her songs are a product of revelation.

“My music is mainly about the love of Christ. The music I sing has been released to me by Revelation. I sing them in the dream first, and when I get up from sleeping I write them the same way I sang them,” says the artist regarding her moving, profound music and its message.

Diligently transcribing the message which gets delivered to her through heavenly mediums, Magdalene is empowering a wave of emotions for Jesus Christ. Her soul-capturing music is imbibed with a deeper meaning and is set to strike all the right chords amongst audiences, transforming them and allowing them to build a deeper link with source of love and redemption.

Stream Magdalene Ngala’s powerful new single, “His Goodness” as well as other fascinating tracks on her official Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and other platforms. Make sure to follow the artist on social media and strengthen your belief in the ultimate God through her provocative, stirring tracks!



Magdalene Ngala is a talented Gospel artist and minister of the Gospel based in Worcester, MA. Driven by a deep love for God and a lifelong passion for singing, Magdalene finds inspiration to write heartfelt gospel songs that carry powerful testimonies and biblical meaning. Filled with the Holy Spirit, her music aims to spread the message of God’s love and grace amidst her countless listeners. Magdalene’s unique sound combines soulful R&B melodies with uplifting lyrics, creating a transformative and spiritually enriching experience for listeners.

Through her music, she shares the Gospel and touches the lives of others with the hope of bringing them closer to God. Magdalene’s enriching new track, “His Goodness” follows onto previous releases, enveloping listeners with a sense of profound love.


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