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Igniting Positivity with Enriching Alternative and Christian Music: Rising Artist Rowan Newcomb Unveils New Album

Lighting newfound pathways of hope, love, and optimism, budding artist Rowan Newcomb is a true gem, who is on the route to success, with his stunning new release titled “New Life Reigns-EP”. 

Los Angeles, California – May 21st, 2021 –  Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Rowan Newcomb is creating ripples in the industry, as he releases a string of stunning singles. Imbued with echoes of Alternative and Pop, underscored beautifully in Christian roots, Newcomb’s new album is a delight for fans of the genres.

Aptly titled “New Life Reigns – EP”, the melodic record is a unique mix of different vocal and musical talents, ultimately presenting a refreshing and motivational EP. With singles such as “Guiding Me Home” and “Don’t Look Back”, the new EP highlights the finest vocals from the artist and is a grand yet intimate expression of raw and sensory emotions.

Each single showcases a unique element of songwriting genius and is the fuel for inspiration. The titular track “New Life Reigns” complements Rowan Newcomb’s album through a call to action, motivating listeners to unearth their talents and hone their innate skills, lighting the way forward. Having released on April 9th, 2021, the EP is set to kindle inspiration and strength in the hearts of listeners and provides a positive channel to register the many emotions everyone feels.

“My hope is that people would realize the good things in their life and press on toward excellence in all areas they are gifted in,” says the rising artist about his new EP.

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Rowan Newcomb is a budding Christian singer and songwriter who has been performing and writing music for 3 years. Always inspired by the way Christian music catalyzes people to be motivated and driven to fight through challenges, Newcomb wishes to connect people with God and with others. Through his unique and characteristic musical compositions, the growing artist hopes to emphasize the strength of relationships and positive outlooks, guided by the Christian spirit. With the release of his 2021 EP titled “New Life Reigns”, Rowan Newcomb also hopes to align people to their purpose in life by stimulating them to overcome life’s many obstacles.


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