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‘God Has a Way’ for Earl Groom Jr.

A Debut Album 56 Years in the Making


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May 3, 2016 – Earl Groom Jr. has lived on both coasts acted alongside soap’s biggest stars and even worked with renowned director Steven Spielberg, done his time in the business more times over than most and after over half a century, he’s finally getting his time to shine with his debut album, God Has a Way. Worth the wait, this album is for contemporary Christian fans both near and far.

While a talented vocalist who has sang everywhere from the Los Angeles stages like the Shrine Auditorium and The Wiltern to New York’s 13th Street Theatre to where he calls home how in Philadelphia at The Raven Lounge and the Pontiac – he’s a songwriter first and foremost. With his eye on a Grammy one day, Groom notes, “I’ve been writing songs forever. God Has a Way is an inspirational project from the heart.  I think the songs transcend musical boundaries and everyone will fall in love with the music.”

With his debut finally available for the world to hear, Earl Groom Jr. is gearing up to perform his new music not only around Philadelphia, but up and down the east coast.

Those interested in learning and hearing more can check him and God Has a Way out online.

Earl Groom Jr.’s debut album, God Has a Way, is a project 56 years in the making. Now he’s ready to take over the gospel realm with it.

Earl Groom Jr.


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