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Everything You Should Know about John Newton’s “Amazing Grace”

John Newton’s “Amazing Grace” has become one of the most powerful and well-known hymns in the world created from a personal testament to his own story of falling into grace. He wrote “Amazing Grace” at a time when he had rediscovered faith in God and meant the lyrics as a true confession of the amazing grace he experienced. Millions of people would go on (and continue) to hear Newton’s powerful words of redemption and find a similar feeling within themselves. “Amazing Grace” is a beautiful example of the redeeming essence of God’s love, that while even in the darkest of times we can find grace and inspire others. Discover more about John’s life and the meaning of the hymn’s lyrics below!


Amazing Grace – Origin Story

John Newton was born in 1725 in London to a Puritan mother who died soon before his seventh birthday, and a strict sea-captain father who brought him to the seas at age 11. After many excursions and a…